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How to take care of your electric bicycle battery

Lithium battery is widely used for the electric bike battery industry for the perfect performace and competitive price.However if you look after it properly it will last for a very long time, You can view the following important tips help you care of your bike battery and avoid expensive replacement:

keep your ebike battery full charge at frist time:

Customer charge the battery first time,please make sure full charged ,please stop if afer the red light turn into green.we

recommend you make few cycle for few time(charge and discharge totally)  at the beginning.

Mastery  the right way to charge the battery

Firstly plug into the battery pack with charger,and connect the charger plug to the AC case the charger plug have

spark during the plug in /pull out procedure which would be harmful for the battery cell.

Charge it with suitable original lithium ion battery charge

Please ask for the ebike battery pack supplier and purchase the matching charger(Notice: Never charge the lithium battery with the lead acid battery charger which can catch fire).The charger must be have the appropriate voltage and charge amps,the voltage must be keep the same with battery pack,and Small charge current suggested for full charge.

keep your lithium battery charged

As lithium battery have no momory effect, you can charge the battery regularly will significantly reduce its ability to hold a charge,

keep your electric ebike battery clean and dry.

Although the ebike battery have the waterproof case,there is a  danger to ride at the heavy rain which make the battery wet and contacts oxidation and corrosion. In case  weaken the ability of the battery to power the bike.ride a the rain is not recommend and please try to clean the contacts each time when plug in.

keep  battery charged for long term storage of your electric bike

if you are sure you would be leave unused for over 2 month,please make the battery full charged and sotre it at the coldest convenient area.As the lithium battery have the high rate of the self-discharge, So over a long time your battery will loose capacity least by being partly discharged.please make sure charge it at least one time for three months,if possible,try to charge it short time every 5-6 weeks.

Open the electric bike battery pack by professional technicist.

The process of the battery pack assemble it very professional, Lithium powder is extremely flammable and will combust on contact with oxygen, explosively!if you suspect your battery pack lost its capacity and working shorter time than before,please consult the battery supplier and ask for help from the local professional ebike repair shop.



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