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Are you seriously for purchase right electric bike battery

With the popular of the Electric bike ,Many people have the the question of the replacement the ebike battery after one or two years .No matter li ion or lifepo4 cell all have the cycle time.

For li-ion 18650,the cycle time would be 800 times ,and for lifepo4 cell,the cycle time is 1500 time,However working performance would be very badly if below 0°C.consider the economics and performace ,stability,INR18650 is widely used in the electric bicycle industry.

I would likely agree that most of us are seeking a not expensive, reliable, and powerful ebike battery for a Sunday’s ride or even to commute to work. according to our experience,many customer never take it seriously for choose the right  electric ebike battery for them.the ebike battery have huge different even some capacity and voltage+wattage .and let us analysis the main component for the Price influencing factors:

Ebike battery composed with battery cell+BMS+ nickel plate+case+cost price.the battery cell+BMS is most influence for the price different.

As we know famous cell quality would be better than china cell compare to the resistant,capacity,performance,consistanly,and the price would be much higher than china cell.the cycle time would be longer than china cell. Different famous cell price also have different,furthermore, for china cell, different brand grade cell also make the price different

For battery charge and discharge,best BMS must be requirement,the function is protect the battery charge balanced, Over charge,Over discharge,short circuit.different quality BMS the price would be have big distance.

Please consult with the battery company whether is the Real New famous cell(Samsung/Panasonic/sanyo) or which brand china cell to assemble firstly.and then ask them provided the all details of the material for make the battery pack.

Dongguan junda new energy technology Co.Ltd is the professional ebike battery pack manufacturer and we have full catalogue ebike case (inner tube /rear rack/down tube/seat tube/triangle/shrink pvc) and make the ebike battery pack according to customer’d demand. Welcome any one consult us when free.

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