Battery pack

  • 18650 Lithium ion battery pack 3.7V 7800mAh
18650 Lithium ion battery pack 3.7V 7800mAh

18650 Lithium ion battery pack 3.7V 7800mAh

  • Votage:3.7v
  • Brand:Junda/ OEM / ODM
  • 2 year warranty
  • Product description: 18650 Lithium ion battery pack 3.7V 7800mAh

18650 Lithium ion battery pack 1S3P 3.7V 7800mAh for Energy storage

Battery Specs:

Product Name 3.7V 7800mAh 18650 battery
Battery Type Li ion battery
Power Wh: 28.9Wh
Accembly Composed Type 1S3P
Nominal Capacity 7800 mAh @0.2C discharge
Nominal Voltage 3.7 V
Charge Voltage 4.25±0.12 V
Cutoff Voltage 3.0 V
Standard charge Current 1500 mA @0.2C charge
Max. charge current 7800 mA @1C charge
Continous Discharge Current 1500 mA @0.2C discharge
Max. Discharge Current 7800 mA @1C discharge
Resistance(pack) 90 mΩ 1kHz AC Method
Extra Run Time: Over 500 times
Weight (Approx.) 150 g
Dimensions(T.W.L.) 18*54*70 (mm) TxWxL
Charging Plug JST-XHP-5P selectable
Discharging Plug selectable
Charge Temperature 0 ~ 45℃
Discharge Temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature -10~40℃ Less than one month
0~30℃ More than one month
Warranty 12 months

18650 7800mAh 3.7V li-ion battery:

1.Hight Energy Density
2.Green Energy and pollution-free
3.long cycle life. more than 500 cycles memory effect
5.minimal self-discharge
6.hight rate charge/discharge


1. Price Item: EXW Shenzhen.
2. Delivery time: 15-20 days after receiving the payment.
3. MOQ: 100pcs.
4. Period of warranty: 12 months.
5. Shipping: UPS/DHL for samples, Air and sea for bulk order